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Irish Creme

by A Graceful Finish
Price $ 7.00

Non Toxic
• Eco-Friendly
• Dries in 20 minutes
• Durable finish
• Acrylic based and smooth to the touch
• Virtually no surface prep required on a clean surface
• No odor
• Hypoallergenic & Nursery Safe
• Manufactured in the USA

Shabby Paints is an excellent choice for any project and style. It can be used on new or previously painted wood, plaster, interior masonry, metal, glass, fabric or anything else you can find.  You can layer colors, distress or get a chippy look, tailor it to your taste.Whether your want a glossy or more matted finish we have a topcoat that's right for you. Each piece will be unique and the possibilities are endless with Shabby Paints


  • Our products are non-toxic and VOC-Free.
  • Unlike waxed pieces, If you change your mind you do not have to strip or sand, just re-paint.
  • Easy enough for beginners, no intimidating and complicated steps.
  • Paint wood, metal, paper clay, fabric, concrete, laminate, tile, terracotta, glass, plastic, ceramic, metal, tin and so much more
  • No long waits between coats, dries in minutes.
  • Paint inside the house without fumes. Paint between phone calls, loads of laundry, and while the little ones’ nap.
  • Get the Kids involved.
  • True durability that lasts, inside or out! No more soft and tacky finishes that are hard to clean and easily ruined.
  • No more limitations, our products are safe for bathrooms, kitchens and the great outdoors.
  • Our products are made and sourced exclusively in the U.S.
  • We never participate in animal testing and our products contain no animal by-products (Vegan friendly)
  • 45 Sassy & Classy Colors.

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